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We recently shared how the FDA found that most supplement manufacturers do NOT follow Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) to ensure that 1) their products contain the ingredients which are listed on the label and 2) their products are free from contaminants and banned substances. Before that, we shared how several products sold on the mass market at stores like GNC and Walmart were pulled off the shelves when it was discovered that the products did not contain the ingredient(s) listed on the label. Sadly, this isn’t the first time this has happened.

Why and how does this occur? Simply because the law allows it. And if you don’t have integrity in business and you sell on the mass market, you’ll make products as cheaply as possible to compete on price and maximize profits.

As we expand our reach into colligate and pro sports while maintaining our Practitioner Product status, we’re proud to announce our growing line of NSF Certified for Sport products. Each new batch must be certified and in order to maintain this special 3rd party certification to ensure the label matches the ingredients in the bottle and there are no banned substances. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean the formulas are effective. In other words, dotFIT products are effective, pure, potent and are less expensive than other NSF Certified products.

NSF Certification for Sport is one more test that most others won’t do because of the cost and the potential to not pass. This is yet another 3rd party validation of purity and potency for dotFIT products. But most importantly, it also adds a test for banned substances that can actually drift/creep into products during the manufacturing process because of unprotected, non-segregated mixing rooms or worse, deliberate spiking of illegal ingredients. Collegiate and professional athletes need this assurance in order to protect themselves from unwarranted suspensions, and members want the same assurance. Everyone should be granted the peace of mind that what they’re taking is safe and effective.

It’s entirely possible to do business with integrity. To make products the right way, it costs more, which is why competitor prices are higher than ours (they spend money on advertising and we don’t). Properly made products can help everyone be more than they can be because you can always grow stronger, play longer and live better.


Your dotFIT Team


Now We Can Make You Look Good No Matter How You Go About It!

Connect Your Activity Device or Food Logging System & We’ll Make it Work For You so You Get the Result You Were Looking For Using The Best of all Worlds

You can now use 3rd party apps and wearable devices to actually tell you something continually related to your goal. Just sync it up with our evidence-based program and follow your dotFIT program Summary page to success.

There’s always been some very cool, easy-to-wear activity devices and food logging apps out there, but none that could give actionable feedback tied to your body composition, weight or performance goals. Only the dotFIT program can do this because we own the patent on the algorithms.[1] Immediately following the patent application, I received the annual “Best of What’s New in Health in The US” award from Popular Science for the creation of the first weight control and performance activity tracking feedback device that also became part of the Biggest Loser programming. This was certainly our greatest honor and now everyone’s benefit. As of today (and more to come) users of popular activity tracking devices or food logging apps can now connect and have access to our patented weight control/fitness feedback to actually stay on goal every time they check in from the phone, tablet or computer. And as our dotFIT users have always experienced – everyone can now get to their goal or know EXACTLY why they didn’t. I can safely guarantee nothing you can buy can do that by itself! To top that off, program participants are connected, as they desire, to our vast network of certified fitness professionals who can answer all questions and guarantee they get to their goal.

So think about all this for a minute – you get everything your favorite system, app and device does combined with what the dotFIT program does:

  • Goal tracking attached to minute by minute feedback so you stay on goal
  • Evidence-based menu planning
  • Referenced educational articles
  • Recipes
  • Supplement screening and a customized recommendations
  • Exercise programming – and much more

And don’t forget, every time you enter your weight or body fat, you’ll be told exactly what to do right up until you reach your goal.

You’re now free to connect your fitbit and JawboneUP (and their food log) to help you get lean and #GrowStrong! Be sure to stay tuned – we’ll be connecting to more devices and apps in the very near future.

Until next time,

Neal Spruce, Founder & CEO


[1] Patent No.: US 8,398,546 B2. System for monitoring and managing body weight/fat and other physiological conditions including interactive and personalized planning, intervention and reporting capability. Applied 2004, Issued 2013

dotFIT Platform Updates

The ability to connect the fitbit and Jawbone UP is now available to all dotFIT program users, which is tied to actionable feedback to stay on goal. You’ll be able to see the following data in your online program and your clients’ programs:

  • Calories Burned
  • Total Calories Logged including protein, carbs and fat
  • Steps
  • Sleep
  • Logged Activity
  • Water Consumed

And we’re not done yet. We’ll be connecting to other wearable devices and third party apps and adding even more features in the near future. It’s part of our commitment to provide the tools and solutions you need to help your clients and community #GrowStrong, play longer and live better.  Check it out!

Coming soon on the Android App (this week) and iOS (in 2 weeks).


Your dotFIT Team

New dotFIT Weight Loss & Liver Support Product

Announcing The New dotFIT Weight Loss & Liver Support Product

Replacing FatRelease for improved overall results

New Weight Loss and Liver Support (WLS) still contains natural substances known to support the health and proper functioning of the liver, especially when unwanted fat accumulates as a result of weight gain that often leads to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).[i] Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is an increasingly common disease with diabetes and overweight/obesity that have reached epidemic proportions. Reports on the prevalence of NAFLD have suggested that 27-34% of the general population in the USA and 40-90% of the obese population worldwide have this disease.[ii] Along with the new WLS targeting this growing problem, it now contains an extract of Irvingia gabonensis (AKA African Mango), a fleshy West African fruit replacing Rhododendron and Engelhardtia to deliver more assistance during diet induced weight loss. In fact, in a preliminary clinical study (see Figure below) demonstrated that a standardized seed extract (IGOB131) of 150 mg taken twice daily for 10 weeks reduced weight by 28 pounds, compared to 1.5 pounds in overweight patients taking placebo.[iii] In this study, overweight patients taking Irvingia gabonensis (IG) consumed an average of 2,767 kcal/day compared to 3,156 kcal/day in the placebo group suggesting favorable effects on appetite and inhibition of adipogenesis (activation/formation of fat cells) through  modulation of receptors that regulate fatty acid storage and glucose metabolism.[iv] The IG group also decreased total and LDL cholesterol levels by 26% and 27% respectively, compared with 2% and 5% with placebo.

So here it is for anyone who is overweight and wants a little extra support. It starts shipping this Friday, May 22nd.

It’s part of our promise to help you and your clients #GrowStrong, play longer and live better.


Integrity Matters.

Your dotFIT Team


[i] Fan JG , Cao HX. Role of diet and nutritional management in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. J Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2013 Dec;28 Suppl 4:81-7. doi: 10.1111/jgh.12244..

[ii] Veena J, Muragundla,A, Sidgiddi S, Subramaniam S. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: need for a balanced nutritional source. Br J Nutr. 2014 Dec 14;112(11):1858-72. doi: 10.1017/S0007114514002591.Epub 2014 Oct 2.

[iii] J. L. Ngondi, B. C. Etoundi, C. B. Nyangono, C. M. F. Mbofung, and J. E. Oben, “IGOB131, a novel seed extract of the West African plant Irvingia gabonensis, significantly reduces body weight and improves metabolic parameters in overweight humans in a randomized double-blind placebo controlled investigation,” Lipids in Health and Disease, vol. 8, article 7, 2009.

[iv] Jones J, Barrick C, Kim K, Lindner J, Blondeau B, Fujimoto Y et al. (April 2005). “Deletion of PPARγ in adipose tissues of mice protects against high fat diet-induced obesity and insulin resistance”. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 102 (17): 6207–12. doi:10.1073/pnas.0306743102. PMC 556131. PMID 15833818




Most Supplement Makers NOT Complying with Rules

Most Supplement Makers NOT Complying with Rules

In 2014, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) inspected 483 facilities that manufacture supplements in the US and abroad. They found that most (62%) do not follow cGMPs, Good Manufacturing Practices, which help ensure supplements are free of contaminants, banned substances and contain the ingredients which are listed on the label.

The top offense?  Failure to conduct testing to verify the identity of the ingredient.  OUCH. Translation: many products may not contain the ingredients (or enough of it to be effective) which are on the label. Even worse, many products have been found to be contaminated with harmful substances like heavy metals and illegal drugs. Check out ConsumerLab’s website and the FDA website for more details.

Because we know properly made dietary supplements can support and enhance your fitness and health goals, we’ve made it a point to ensure that you, your clients, friends and family get what we call the “dotFIT Difference:”

  • Effective formulas based on good research
  • Safe products which are free of contaminants and work together to prevent excess intake
  • Pure and potent products which are 3rd party tested and NSF Certified for Sport
  • Proper delivery systems to ensure the ingredients get to the right target tissues
  • Truthful and legal claims on the label versus misleading advertising
  • A personalized fitness solution based on the goal, medical history and body statistics and delivered by certified fitness professionals.

If you’d like more info, here it is along with a message from our founder and CEO, Neal Spruce http://www.dotfit.com/purepromise

It’s entirely possible to do business with integrity. In fact, we’ve done it for decades and we thank you for teaming up with us to help as many people as possible #GrowStrong, play longer and live better.


Integrity Matters.

Your dotFIT Team

Creatine XXL Update

Creatine XXL Updates
  • Added Creapure – the undisputed best!
A Closer Look at the Changes
Now you will get a pump on top of your pump! With Creapure – less is more than all the rest
Recent science has revealed that not all raw materials for creatine monohydrate are created equal. And since dotFIT follows the Practitioner Product guidelines, we’ve made the switch to the undisputed best. It’s called Creapure,® which is made in Germany where dietary supplements are tightly regulated. (We’ll make the same changes with our Creatine Monohydrate powder on the next production run).
When comparing all other creatine raw materials, scientists found too much was wasted as creatinine (a harmless but also useless byproduct) not just in the raw material itself but also during digestion, meaning the availability for complete absorption was limited. This is not the case as you can see in Figures 1 and 2 below comparing Creapure® to the impurities found in inferior types of creatine. In other words, more pure creatine, less creatinine.
Pure creatine monohydrate (Creapure®) during digestion remains stable and is almost fully available to the body (Figure 2). Inferior raw materials or a too-rapid reduction in the amount of water during “recrystallization” results in higher amounts of creatinine, dicyandiamide, and dihydrotriazine (Figure 1) thus less creatine availability. Typical analytical values for Creapure®:
  • Creatine monohydrate: min. 99.95%
  • Creatinine <67 ppm
  • Dicyandiamide (DCD): not detectable
  • Dihydrotriazine: not detectable
Figure 1
Figure 2 One time ingestion of Creapure® (5gms) results in markedly elevated plasma creatine levels without raising creatinine levels
Questions about the new Creatine XXL? Call us at 877.436.8348 between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm Pacific Time, Monday through Friday, or email us at Experts@dotFIT.com
Nutrition can help you and your family Grow Strong.
Yours in Health,
The dotFIT Team
 [1] M. Hageböck, U. Stahl, J. Bader, Stability of creatine derivatives during simulated digestion in an in vitro model, Food Funct., 2014, 5, 359-363, DOI: 10.1039/C3FO60453E.

How Nutrition Became My Foundation

Most youngsters growing up don’t think about getting old or age-related diseases. You simply eat what you get and go on to the next day. Being an athlete all my youth and early adulthood I ate well and never missed a daily multivitamin and mineral (MVM). But I didn’t take it to live longer or prevent poor diet-related disease. Are you kidding? I was immortal at that point in my life. I simply took it to because intuitively it made sense to cover my bases from unavoidable daily lapses in proper amounts of nutrients supplied by diet alone and in doing so maybe I could “play longer” – i.e. recover faster and build a better structure that would make me better at my sport. So my primary goals were not longevity (or health for that matter) but simply strength, muscle, low body fat, and the ability to play longer and win at my sport. And all my lectures were based on achieving body composition & sport/fitness goals.

muscle_back_smallThen I retired from sports at age 41 and my wife was pregnant with our first child. Although she took a MVM, it wasn’t until I heard the doctor tell her to “take a MVM” (a prenatal MVM) that it hit me. Even before you’re born, you can’t rely on food normally consumed to supply what the body needs to properly develop and especially to its full potential, hence the mandatory prenatal MVM. The light went on. That situation never changes until you are on the “backside of life!” My studies, mission and message were altered forever.

Although I still lecture on maximizing sports performance, body composition goals/weight control, etc., my overriding theme is health-span versus lifespan. In other words, how long are you healthy and thriving versus simply alive and weak or sick. This includes “playing-span”; how long you can continue to do the things you love, physical or mental. And clearly, the only way that can happen is to give your body all the things it needs throughout life while it can still use them. If the body has everything it needs it becomes a stronger, longer-lasting structure that doesn’t breakdown over time but instead is active and virtually self-sufficient till the end. Simply put, if you do this during the front side of life, you will grow strong to last longer. Continuing this on the backside of life not only slows the inevitable decline but also maximizes your productive potential till the end. “A strong house with a strong foundation cracks less and last longer than the weaker built house.”

Well, that ah-ha prenatal MVM moment has since reverberated throughout not just our family but has formed our company’s lectures, core message and business mission of “owning the preventative side of health care”.  As a father, I have never let up on my kids continuing to build the strongest structure possible. From the time they were in the womb, their bodies have gotten what they need every day in order to give them the best chance to not breakdown later in life. And our business messaging for all families is to do the same. Now maybe we can start to reverse this disease-care system of ours and truly make it healthcare by taking care of our health when we have it, NOT after preventable disease sets in. After all, two-thirds of all disease is preventable and as I always say, it’s our job is to make the next generation better.


Family is everything.

When you grow up with far less than a Leave it to Beaver-type family, all you can do is imagine what a real family would be like. An immigrant mother and a reckless World War II pilot father, my parents were not for this world. The only thing I learned from my parents was that I had nothing and I better figure out how to survive. I did. My father became increasingly more alcoholic and abusive over the years, leaving me at a very early age to support the family’s needs. By the time I was 7 years old, I had learned to stayed away as much as possible by crashing with friends. While in elementary school, my two sisters and I had to go to work because my father could no longer hold a job and was selling everything we had to support his habit before he deserted us. Because of our age, none of us could make enough money to support the family so welfare became necessary.


Our clothes were hand-me-downs, we brushed our teeth with salt, we put newspaper in our shoes to protect our feet from the holes (the idea of kids not having decent shoes has bothered me all my life, and that’s why we did the Shoes for Kids in Care promo in May of this year). Unless I was staying regularly at a friend’s house, I washed my clothes in a laundromat using  dimes I found by searching under the machines – 20 cents to wash and 10 to dry. Many times I had to wash the clothes I was wearing.

So like I said at the beginning, when you grow up with no family, you imagine one–especially after seeing your friends’ families. It was always special to me to see them interact in ways I never experienced. And while there was nothing I could do to create a real family of my own as a youth, all I dreamed about was the day when I would create my own family, and how I would make sure they got to have everything I didn’t. I knew I could then live vicariously through them, and to experience what it’s like to have a mother and father who nurtured you.

Neal Spruce family

 Neal & his family


I didn’t start a family until I was 41 years old for exactly that reason. I wanted to give my kids what I never got. I wanted parties at our house with their friends; I wanted to coach their teams as they grew up; I wanted to hold my children; I wanted them to want to hold me and I wanted them to adore me like I adored them. I wanted all that to continue forever. When my daughter was born, I imagined when she was 15, 16, 17 or 18, she would walk with me and still hold hands – today she’s 16 and she does. I wanted my sons, no matter how old, to always kiss me hello and goodbye and tell me they loved me – today they’re 18 and 20 and they do. I hurt so badly wanting this because I never said it to my parents and they never said it to me. I missed my childhood because I was thrown to the wolves but I am now experiencing what I missed. Now there are times I allow myself to feel that sadness, when I’m alone, and even feel sorry for myself for the crappy lot I got as a kid. But the rest of the time I am happy to finally have a family where love, respect and support is the glue.


And that’s also why I have always felt like I wanted to be the father other people never had. It was never just about my family; my work has always been about all families. My kids gave me that. They have taught me what it’s like to be a child and they continue to guide me in my life to be a better person every day. Most importantly, they give me the strength to never stop working to make the next generation better than mine. And ask every one of the thousands of employees I have had over the years, male or female, about my view on them having children. I always encourage it because when you first see your eyes in your baby, you will forever change for the better in everything you do.


I might not be a perfect father, but I have finally found peace by trying to be the father I never had. And for me, family, and I mean all families, is everything.


When Commitment Trumps Risk & Discouragement

I suppose at every milestone in my life there was a jumping off point where I could decide to take the leap or not. Not taking it was the easy way out, and it meant I could stay in my comfort zone where it was always easy to make a good living and just dream about doing more. But to get to the next level always meant greater risk. So motivation had to be high and for me, motivation was being doomed to a life of regret.

In my world, there are fates worse than death such as living with the thought that I didn’t have the nerve to pursue my dream or what I believed I could accomplish if given the chance. Therefore I always gave myself that chance. At each jumping off point, the stakes were higher than the last time because at each point life became safer. I felt safe when I was working as a top trouble-shooting mechanic and bought my first home while pursuing my hobby of bodybuilding. But my hobby became my obsession when I realized I was good at it, and it was the perfect vehicle to deliver the truth about fitness and to change the world. After all, it not only changed me, it saved me from my outlaw ways.

Neal SpruceThanks to my girlfriend (now my wife), at this juncture I made the first real leap. She said If you really think you can make a living at it, go for it. I did. At age 34 I rented out my house, threw some clothes in my Corvette and drove to Venice to find a job while doing part-time work/appearances for Gold’s Gym. Wow, was I scared. But my girlfriend had challenged me, and doing this was what I had been talking about for too long. If I were going to get my break, it would be in Venice … and it happened. I did so well for Gold’s that they took me on full-time to run their nutrition program internationally.

The first health club nutrition program was born and I achieved a six-figure income – all of which made me feel even safer. Then I was married and had a kid on the way, and Gold’s was changing to a point where my goal of saving the world with fitness was vanishing. My wife challenged me again, saying, “Okay, you’re the big man so let’s do it ourselves.” Talk about scared! I was going from $100K/y to nothing and all with a kid on the way! But that’s when I knew I had complete control of our destiny, and that destiny was to dream big and work harder than anyone else to accomplish what YOU believe in.

That philosophy has worked every time throughout my life, from simply staying alive against all odds when I was growing up in the Bay Area, to my career with Gold’s Gym, Apex Fitness, NASM, 24 Hour Fitness and now dotFIT. Anytime something has held back from my goal, I had the confidence to move on. I knew I could make it work. I knew the consequences of not trying would be worse than death, and that would haunt me. I had to finish and do my way.

It wasn’t always as easy as it looked. When I left 24 Hour Fitness to form dotFIT in 2008, the investment was huge and the timing terrible – The Great Recession hit. My family had no clue why I was starting another company; it certainly was not for financial reasons. As a company we underperformed and were overstaffed, and the pain I felt as CEO worsened. As discouragement crept in, I had to remember why I was doing this in order to find the passion again. I had to reach back to my childhood, where I knew I came from nothing but didn’t mind it because I also knew I would eventually get what I needed. That childhood formula of working harder than everyone else, NEVER giving up and not giving in to fear would get me where I needed to go because it got me this far. And it worked; we’re here and bigger than ever. With the support of my family and the commitment of the dotFIT team, we can now finish what we started by making the next generation better than us. And no matter how tough it gets, that’s what truly keeps many of us going.


Trying is the most important thing you’ll ever do.

Everyone always remarks about my entrepreneurial spirit because of my business track record. But that spirit was simply born from wanting to do the right thing, and in my mind the only way to do that was to do it myself. Combine that with no fear of the unknown or hard work, and the drive to be the best at what you do and you have a different sort of recipe for entrepreneurship.

Neal Spruce high school junior.

Neal Spruce, high school junior.

Long before I owned my first business, I was fortunate enough to still operate independently because my bosses recognized hard work and the drive to be the best. As an auto mechanic, I ran the shop because I was the troubleshooter. If no one else could fix the car, it came to me. But well before that I had a mentor, Howard the Journeyman, who I first worked under when I was 16. He taught me my first real business lesson. Howard was a lean, medium-built, balding man about 30 years my elder who always wore a hat and a red rag in his back pocket — exactly how you would picture a seasoned master mechanic. One day we had this ‘67 Buick that had been to 3 shops to no avail for an unusual intermittent air conditioning problem. After going over everything for about 6 hours and then finally tearing the entire dashboard out of the car, leaving wiring looms and vacuum lines disconnected everywhere, I asked him, “Howard, do you know what you’re doing here?” He came out from under the dash, took off his hat, pulled the red rag out of his pocket and as he wiped his hands, he looked at me and said, “Neal, I am going tell you something you should never forget if you want to be successful. It’s not important to know exactly what you’re doing, it’s only important to know what you’re trying to do”. Well, I have to tell you I didn’t get it right then but I sure got it later. That attitude allowed me to take on any car problem and hang in there till I fixed it. And that carried over into my business life. I always knew what I was trying to do, and was never afraid to take it on, but many times not necessarily the best way to do it. In many aspects of building the businesses, I might have got things done faster with less pain but I am still here and I can say I got it done. Very often hard work will trump intelligence.

Neal in 1980

Neal in 1980, when his mechanic career ended and his bodybuilding career began.

My first and only business goal was to Personalize Fitness For Every Household, which came almost 20 years after Howard had made his now famous comment. Trying to accomplish that grandiose vision within the confines of a corporation became impossible and that’s the sole reason I started my own business, Apex Fitness. I needed freedom to execute what I thought needed to be done because my goal was different than the company’s goals. It wasn’t money that moved me to start my own business because truthfully I didn’t think about the business making money nearly as much as knowing I needed to control my own destiny, make my own rules, drive to one goal and hopefully make enough money to keep going. I didn’t even have a business plan but I knew what I was trying to do. I also reminded myself that there are fates worse than death, and one would be a life of regret if I just took the paycheck and company orders rather than striking out to do what I wanted to do to make a difference.

I didn’t know exactly what I was doing, but I definitely knew what I was trying to do.