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So we talked about all of the ingredients that make up triathlon training, now let’s talk about a typical week to gear up for an Ironman 70.3 or Ironman.

After studying multiple ways of training and programming a weekly, monthly, and yearly program, I have used a system that emphasized technique, intensity, and volume.

I always aim to improve something. On the speed and hill sessions, you can go faster, shorten the rest periods, or do more intervals. On the distance work, you can either go faster or further. Some days when everything lines up right, you can go faster and further, which are golden moments indeed.

On other days, when you don’t feel quite so springy, you can focus on making it a “technique” improvement day. Here I will allow a little drop in intensity to work on “Mastery of Technique.”

Here is a typical week gearing up for Ironman 70.3 in St. Croix.

Monday A.M. Run 800m Intervals and Technique/Speed Skills
P.M. Full Body Strength Training

Tuesday A.M. Bike Hill Sprints (4-6 minutes in length)
P.M.  Swim 250m Intervals, Technique/Speed Skills

Wed.      A.M. Run 6 mile Tempo (Steady State)
P.M.  Full Body Strength Training

Thurs.    A.M. Bike Long Distance
P.M.  Rest (Eat)

Friday    A.M. Run Mile Repeats and Technique/Speed Skills
P.M. Full Body Strength Training

Saturday A.M. Medium to Long Bike followed by Short Run

Sunday   A.M. Long Run
P.M.  Long Swim plus Technique/Speed Skills

I will vary from this format, sometimes doing a long swim followed immediately by a medium bike ride, or doing two hill workouts on the bike in the same week.

Basically, I know that the most important things for me are the long run, the long bike, the combination a.k.a. “Brick Workouts” (Bike plus Run) and finally the swim technique training.

You will notice that I have a special liking for running, so I ended up doing it more often than the other sports. Plus, I intend on staying active in my running only races of various distances both on and off-road.

Luckily my daily schedule permits me to train as much as I do. The volume in Ironman training demands superior recovery measures. This is where proper sleep, nutrition and supplementation come in. Lately, I have been drinking Amino Boost, and Muscle Defender like it’s kool-aid and popping Recover and Build like its candy.

My next step will be to add self-myofacial release to the mix as well as massage therapy to speed up the recovery.

Well, I am flying out to St. Croix in two days and getting in some exciting training in the warm water and air before the big day. I can’t wait to see what happens and how much I have improved.

It’s all an adventure in the end. I planned my race and now it’s time to race my plan. I am going to have fun going for it and take the feedback I receive and adjust my training to go even faster for the next Ironman.

As they say, “Let The Good Times Roll!”


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