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Road to the Louisville Ironman Part 4

Training Update:

I am now on the home stretch of my peak phase; I just got off my bike after hitting the hills for over 6.5 hours and passing through beautiful West Lake Village, CA. I have a 3 hour run on Monday and another 2.5 mile swim on Thursday.

Following Thursday night, it’s taper time. Ahh… I can relax a little and systematically decrease the weekly volume, while maintaining the same intensity leading up to the final week.

I will still include high intensity swim, bike and run sessions but will reduce the volume of high intensity efforts and shorten the duration of the longer workouts.

In the taper period I expect to get a little antsy, because when you’re in the habit of putting in big workouts, you end up missing the high and self-fulfillment that comes from cranking it for hours. Maybe I’ll have to take up another hobby to channel my energy. Well, I’ve always liked break dancing.

My performance and racing form will escalate as I recover and super-compensate during the taper phase, which allow me to be my best on race day (3 weeks away).

In addition to my favorite recovery supplements (Amino Boost, Muscle Defender, and Recover and Build), I am very pleased with my health since taking the ultimate combo of Active MV, Super Antioxidant, Super Omega, and Super Calcium. Plus the Joint Flex Plus has worked wonders in helping me stay 100% pain free.

In addition, I take copious amounts of Whey Smooth and Lean MR in between meals to keep my protein and energy levels up. I am surprised by the caloric needs of Ironman training, I feel like a bottomless pit sometimes.

Triathlon is a rewarding sport, that gives you plenty of “me” time. Also known as “alone” time. Its times like these where you can get in touch with important principles in racing and in life.


What is the first thing they say when you learn to hit a baseball? “Keep your eyes on the ball.” What do they tell you not to do if you are afraid of heights? “Don’t look down.”

As you can see, its all about focus. The most successful and confident people focus on what they want and all the advantages that they have. The people that struggle the most seem to focus on what they don’t want and all of the disadvantages that they perceive.

Peak Performers are Master focusers.

In training and racing, it helps me to stay so focused on what I want, that there is no room in my head to picture what I don’t want.

I will either focus on the outcome I desire, (a picture of the ideal event) or I’ll flip my focus to the present moment and concentrate on my form, breathing, speed, cadence, strategy etc.

Fear and anxiety can creep in when you picture something you don’t want, so simply flip to the picture of what you want to happen with laser-like intensity. Or you can concentrate on doing your present moment activity better.

If you catch a master at work, they are so immersed with their present activity, that they could not possibly think of anything to fear or be nervous about. They are only concentrating on the task at hand and doing it better. They only see what they want to see as the outcome, which keeps them relaxed and allows them to perform at their best.

Control your thoughts and images, with over 60,000 thoughts per day on average, you might as well think about something you want.


In the athletic world, athletes and coaches are constantly hit with challenges a.k.a “problems.” Challenges are what makes us grow and learn and adds excitement to our days. Some people prefer more intense challenges than others.

It has helped me dramatically while in Ironman training and in all areas of life, to see challenges that pop up as an opportunity to become more and raise my knowledge and skill.

When you can define a problem as a challenge and be grateful for the challenge, you get your power back. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, you can become aware that this challenge will make you better.

The next time a challenge shows its face to you, say “thank you, I will beat you and get stronger from it.”

Well, with only 3 weeks to go, I am thrilled to have this opportunity to be part of such an incredible event. Now its time complete a couple more big workouts and start my coast to the starting line in Louisville, Kentucky.

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