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Road to the Louisville Ironman Part 6

Up at 3:50, downed some WheySmooth, slapped on sunscreen and off to downtown Louisville to the transition area.

After a quick bike check and walk to the swim start, it was time to get body marked and throw on the swim goggles. While waiting in line, I started thinking of the overwhelming challenge in front of me and had to bring my thoughts to the present and focus on what I had to do right then and there, and know that the rest would take care of itself. The slight concern turned back into sheer excitement as I approached the swim start.

Then the Van Halen music started pumping as we ran down the pier and through the timing arch and plunged into the Ohio River.

It’s on…

For the 2.4 mile swim, I felt like a salmon swimming upstream. We were all packed together and sprinting for the best position. While getting kicked, hit, and bumped, I did my best to stay in good form and establish a controlled breathing rhythm.

Once around the first island, the congestion thinned out and I was able to fully dial in my technique and rhythm. I kept a 3-stoke breath, 3-stoke spot and breath rhythm. By spotting every 6 stokes I was able to stay on course and keep from zigzagging my way down the river.

After navigating around the buoys and under the bridges, I did a time check and was thrilled to see that I was ahead of schedule. The swim was over before I knew it and I quickly climbed out and ran to the changing tent to throw on the biking gear.

I quickly donned my cycling gear, some sunscreen on my face and shoulders and slammed an NO7rage with some Muscle Defender and Amino boost, because I knew the rage has never let me down in the past and the amino acids would help keep fatigue at bay as well as prevent muscle breakdown during my 112 mile journey through Kentucky.

On the bike, I felt great and started faster than expected. The course had plenty of rolling hills and lots of enthusiastic fans dressed up and playing music (I remember seeing the Grim Reaper). The mile markers were at every 10 miles and they just seemed to fly by. We had aid stations about every 15 miles, and I learned my lesson to slow down considerably to take the hand-off of water from the volunteers (almost bit the big one in St. Croix a couple months back).

Everything went very smooth, except for a minor spill on the hill “oops.” Hey the blood got my adrenaline going and suddenly I forgot how tired I was.

The final miles were downhill as I cruised back to the downtown Louisville faster than my projected goal and I was eager to jump into my running shoes and make the marathon happen.

After stripping off the bike gear, I slammed another NO7rage, with AminBoostXXL, and MuscleDefender. I knew I needed every bit of Rage and muscle protection at this point. I also packed Recover and Rebuild in my fuel belt to take along the way for sustained BCAA consumption.

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