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Have Your Cake & Get Lean, Too!

Its never what you eat or do, it’s always how much you eat or move

Some of you may not know anything about my past, but I owe my career to bodybuilding. It became the foundation of all our company’s programs and products, allowing millions of people to achieve their fitness goals. Competing in the sport for 20 years taught me everything about manipulating calories in and out while properly supplementing. Supplementing was what allowed me to keep my body in an anabolic state to gain and maintain muscle and, in preparation for competition, to lose body fat with without losing muscle.Kids eating birthday cake

But dieting for bodybuilding also gave me the knowhow, in my long-since retired adult life, to be able to stay in shape while eating (and drinking) whatever I want. The good news is I don’t feel like eating junk food regularly, but there are many times throughout the year when I truly feel like eating far more food or drink than my body needs. (Sometimes people are surprised by my choices because I maintain 6% body fat year round. But yes, when it’s party time, I am the first one in line!)

Enjoy the holidays by doing the math
Because the laws of energy govern all body mass changes, whatever you want to do with your body composition is nothing more than an energy/calorie equation. The best news of all is that your equation (calories consumed versus calories burned) is verified by your body mass changes even if you don’t count calories. When trying to lose fat/weight and you’re not, the equation must be adjusted or your math (food or movement recording) corrected. And you can do it by simply removing portions of what you currently eat, or use the dotFIT program to do it for you. When you finally get these facts, you CAN have your cake and EAT it, too! Oh, and one more thing, increasing your movement by 100 calories/day has the same effect as removing 100 calories from your food intake. So a 140 lb. person can take a brisk 20- or 30-minute walk, or just cut out a few bites of the densest foods on your plate. Often times it’s a lot easier to adjust diet than exercise to make up for periods of over consumption.

Party time – just manage the AVERAGE DAILY DEFICIT
If your dotFIT program tells you to consume 2000 calories/day to stay on goal and you are going to a party knowing you will go off that number, then simply make it up by eating less through the other days of the week (before and/or after the party). You can also move more each day until it’s made up. The point is, you have to make it up to stay on goal. If you eat 5000 calories during the event (3000 more than target), do the math to make it up. Example: move an average of 100-150c/day more that week and consume an average of 1500c/day for 4 days and you’re back on track. You can do this anytime you need to throughout the year. Use the dotFIT program with the armband and the entire process is a no brainer – it will do all the math for you. Simply follow the numbers, plug in your weight and/or body fat weekly and follow the directions. Boy, I wish I had those tools back in the day – getting ready for competition would have been FAR easier.

Use Meal Replacements on “make up days”
When making up for overeating use meal replacements (such as your favorite dotFIT bars or powders) instead of two of your regular meals so that you can still eat heartily for one or two other meals (see sample menu below). The advantage of using dotFIT foods during the “catch-up” periods is that, because of the right ratio of proteins, carbs, fat and fiber, they are more satisfying than most other foods of equal caloric value. And more importantly, packaged dotFIT foods accurately count your calories, leaving no room for error.

So there you have it, your most valuable holiday tip from yours truly. Fitness, and life itself, is easy when you understand and use only facts. Calories in and out are the simple facts related to weight control. You are now free to control your body composition all year long, no matter what the occasion. So party on!!

— Neal Spruce
(dotFIT Founder & CEO)
Sample 1400-calorie “Catch Up Menu” (restructure for individual needs)
Meal 1: Bar  ~200 calories with multi
Meal 2: 400 calorie meat of choice sandwich or large salad with favorite protein
Meal 3: 300 calorie LeanMR Shake with fruit
Meal 4: 500 calories of chicken, starch or choice and salad with multi
All day: any choice of non-caloric fluids

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