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New dotFIT Weight Loss & Liver Support Product

Announcing The New dotFIT Weight Loss & Liver Support Product

Replacing FatRelease for improved overall results

New Weight Loss and Liver Support (WLS) still contains natural substances known to support the health and proper functioning of the liver, especially when unwanted fat accumulates as a result of weight gain that often leads to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).[i] Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is an increasingly common disease with diabetes and overweight/obesity that have reached epidemic proportions. Reports on the prevalence of NAFLD have suggested that 27-34% of the general population in the USA and 40-90% of the obese population worldwide have this disease.[ii] Along with the new WLS targeting this growing problem, it now contains an extract of Irvingia gabonensis (AKA African Mango), a fleshy West African fruit replacing Rhododendron and Engelhardtia to deliver more assistance during diet induced weight loss. In fact, in a preliminary clinical study (see Figure below) demonstrated that a standardized seed extract (IGOB131) of 150 mg taken twice daily for 10 weeks reduced weight by 28 pounds, compared to 1.5 pounds in overweight patients taking placebo.[iii] In this study, overweight patients taking Irvingia gabonensis (IG) consumed an average of 2,767 kcal/day compared to 3,156 kcal/day in the placebo group suggesting favorable effects on appetite and inhibition of adipogenesis (activation/formation of fat cells) through  modulation of receptors that regulate fatty acid storage and glucose metabolism.[iv] The IG group also decreased total and LDL cholesterol levels by 26% and 27% respectively, compared with 2% and 5% with placebo.

So here it is for anyone who is overweight and wants a little extra support. It starts shipping this Friday, May 22nd.

It’s part of our promise to help you and your clients #GrowStrong, play longer and live better.


Integrity Matters.

Your dotFIT Team


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