Dieting and Weight loss

Now We Can Make You Look Good No Matter How You Go About It!

Connect Your Activity Device or Food Logging System & We’ll Make it Work For You so You Get the Result You Were Looking For Using The Best of all Worlds

You can now use 3rd party apps and wearable devices to actually tell you something continually related to your goal. Just sync it up with our evidence-based program and follow your dotFIT program Summary page to success.

There’s always been some very cool, easy-to-wear activity devices and food logging apps out there, but none that could give actionable feedback tied to your body composition, weight or performance goals. Only the dotFIT program can do this because we own the patent on the algorithms.[1] Immediately following the patent application, I received the annual “Best of What’s New in Health in The US” award from Popular Science for the creation of the first weight control and performance activity tracking feedback device that also became part of the Biggest Loser programming. This was certainly our greatest honor and now everyone’s benefit. As of today (and more to come) users of popular activity tracking devices or food logging apps can now connect and have access to our patented weight control/fitness feedback to actually stay on goal every time they check in from the phone, tablet or computer. And as our dotFIT users have always experienced – everyone can now get to their goal or know EXACTLY why they didn’t. I can safely guarantee nothing you can buy can do that by itself! To top that off, program participants are connected, as they desire, to our vast network of certified fitness professionals who can answer all questions and guarantee they get to their goal.

So think about all this for a minute – you get everything your favorite system, app and device does combined with what the dotFIT program does:

  • Goal tracking attached to minute by minute feedback so you stay on goal
  • Evidence-based menu planning
  • Referenced educational articles
  • Recipes
  • Supplement screening and a customized recommendations
  • Exercise programming – and much more

And don’t forget, every time you enter your weight or body fat, you’ll be told exactly what to do right up until you reach your goal.

You’re now free to connect your fitbit and JawboneUP (and their food log) to help you get lean and #GrowStrong! Be sure to stay tuned – we’ll be connecting to more devices and apps in the very near future.

Until next time,

Neal Spruce, Founder & CEO


[1] Patent No.: US 8,398,546 B2. System for monitoring and managing body weight/fat and other physiological conditions including interactive and personalized planning, intervention and reporting capability. Applied 2004, Issued 2013

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