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We recently shared how the FDA found that most supplement manufacturers do NOT follow Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) to ensure that 1) their products contain the ingredients which are listed on the label and 2) their products are free from contaminants and banned substances. Before that, we shared how several products sold on the mass market at stores like GNC and Walmart were pulled off the shelves when it was discovered that the products did not contain the ingredient(s) listed on the label. Sadly, this isn’t the first time this has happened.

Why and how does this occur? Simply because the law allows it. And if you don’t have integrity in business and you sell on the mass market, you’ll make products as cheaply as possible to compete on price and maximize profits.

As we expand our reach into colligate and pro sports while maintaining our Practitioner Product status, we’re proud to announce our growing line of NSF Certified for Sport products. Each new batch must be certified and in order to maintain this special 3rd party certification to ensure the label matches the ingredients in the bottle and there are no banned substances. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean the formulas are effective. In other words, dotFIT products are effective, pure, potent and are less expensive than other NSF Certified products.

NSF Certification for Sport is one more test that most others won’t do because of the cost and the potential to not pass. This is yet another 3rd party validation of purity and potency for dotFIT products. But most importantly, it also adds a test for banned substances that can actually drift/creep into products during the manufacturing process because of unprotected, non-segregated mixing rooms or worse, deliberate spiking of illegal ingredients. Collegiate and professional athletes need this assurance in order to protect themselves from unwarranted suspensions, and members want the same assurance. Everyone should be granted the peace of mind that what they’re taking is safe and effective.

It’s entirely possible to do business with integrity. To make products the right way, it costs more, which is why competitor prices are higher than ours (they spend money on advertising and we don’t). Properly made products can help everyone be more than they can be because you can always grow stronger, play longer and live better.


Your dotFIT Team


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