About Meal Replacements

Eat like the pros

You’ve probably been told or have at least heard that you should not skip meals. In fact, you may have heard you should eat 5-6 smaller meals a day. If done properly it is true that it can be helpful, and the trainers and fitness minded folks who generally give this advice definitely benefit from it. However, life is tough. There never seems to be enough hours in a day. You’re not even hungry half the time. Well, don’t despair. You want to know the trick that trainers use to get those 5-6 meals a day? Want to employ an aid that is associated with successfully losing more weight and keeping it off longer?

Meal Replacements! You know all of those bars and powdered shake mixes? That’s what I’m talking about. Despite the bewildering marketing, they are not magic, but they are a tremendous help in developing a real life, sustainable plan to lose weight, keep it off and/or perform your best.

Why do they work?

Some of the biggest problems people have today are

  • They don’t eat when they should, so hunger makes eating decisions (and not smart ones) for them
  • They eat with their eyes, clean their plate or eat portions that are way too big
  • They get in a hurry and grab whatever is convenient (usually junk food)

Meal replacements solve for common problems associated with trying to eat healthier and properly to lose weight. dotFIT meal replacement bars and shakes can

  • Provide a portion-controlled meal. There are no second helpings and the calories on the label are accurate!
  • Allow for ideal timing of calories and nutrition. Pre- and post-workout are great times for a meal replacement/snack as they give you the energy you need for a productive workout and help you recover better so you see the result sooner.
  • Provide quick and convenient nutrition in times of hunger instead of fast food, as a guiltless dessert and as a good-for- you snack.
  • Help to reduce overall calorie intake as a meal substitute or increase calories as nutritious snacks.
  • help you be prepared for life’s little unexpected hassles — a delayed flight, working late, no time to eat, off your normal schedule.

As a long time exerciser and trainer, I can tell you that people in my industry plan for the worst and make meal replacements a fact of life. I never go on a road trip or flight without a stash of bars in my bag (cheaper and way better tasting than airline/airport food). As a trainer working 10-12hr days, the only way to stay fed was to knock back a shake or two between clients. Only takes a minute and you are good to go for several hours. And you never have to worry about eating properly before and after a workout. Like the Cub Scout motto, always be prepared!

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