Cheating to Win

With Halloween here to officially kick off the holiday season, we’re focusing on weight control and the holidays for the next couple of blogs and our November webinar. You might have seen this one from Neal before, but it’s always good info to revisit BEFORE the holiday parties begin . . .

Be free to indulge in holiday cheer without sacrificing your fitness goals
Believe it or not, you can start the New Year in BETTER shape than you are now while still enjoying parties and seasonal foods during the holidays.

Control the CALORIES so you can cheat when you want to
Consistently controlling appetite during the holiday season is difficult at best, so I don’t even try when confronted with any holiday party – especially because I don’t want to. In fact, people always ask me, “how does anyone control themselves at parties?” and I simply say “don’t”. My advice has always been the same since my bodybuilding days: first, set a small weight/fat loss goal starting in early November. Next, cast aside all previous “dieting knowledge,” books, friends’ well-intended but generally bad advice. Stick with the indisputable truth, which is the fact that any calorie burned cancels any calorie consumed, period. And the reverse is true: any calorie NOT consumed is one that won’t need to be burned, which forces your body to burn its stored calories or fat. In other words, when it comes to weight management it’s not WHEN or WHAT you eat and do, but HOW MUCH you eat and move over any given timeframe, which in the following example will be the month of December.  So “cheating” is not cheating as long as you make it up – and that’s easy. READ THE FULL ARTICLE

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