Creatine XXL: Better than ever

In our constant quest to provide the best products and formulations, we have updated the dotFIT CreatineXXL™ to be delivered in a new immediate release formula. The new capsule form of CreatineXXL releases its muscle building payload in a mere 3-5 minutes, ensuring everything you need for iron bending workouts is immediately available. What makes Creatine XXL THE muscle-building powerhouse? It uses creatine monohydrate, the most effective and proven form, to increase workout strength and muscle size. Many forms of creatine come and go, promising big things, but to date none other than creatine monohydrate have delivered. From here, we add b-alanine. B-alanine has been shown to buffer lactic acid buildup, enhancing the effects of creatine on strength and recovery. Together they are the ideal 1-2 punch to dramatically increase strength endurance. Lastly, because we know you want to be the biggest and most muscular you can be, we add in additional volumizing agents to maintain an anabolic, muscle building environment. The amazing impact of this product on size and strength has led us to describe it as, “The creatine creatine would use if creatine used creatine.”

Look for the new bottle design with an increased 480 capsules online or at a fitness center near you. Caution: use of this product may make your clothes tighter.

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