Did you know skinny people burn fewer calories?

The old complaint that our metabolism is so slow that we cannot lose, or worse, that we gain weight on very few calories, has resurfaced. The good news is that researchPeople of different sizes walking on treadmills (and common sense) has shown that it really has nothing to do with one’s metabolism. We now know that a fit person does not have a faster metabolism than an unfit person. Why is that?

When discussing metabolism, it is necessary to understand the pieces that make up total daily energy expenditure (TDEE), or simply put, how many calories you burn a day. TDEE is determined by your basal metabolic rate (BMR), calories spent processing the food you eat, and your activity level. The first two pieces of the puzzle are pretty standard for people of similar weight and size and not subject to too much manipulation by you. But the activity energy expenditure, how many calories you burn in a day because of how much you move (or don’t move as is often the case) is tremendously variable and the most easily controlled part of the equation. The problem with the metabolism explanation is that metabolic rates between like-size humans with different parents do not vary nearly enough to match the weight gain differences experienced by many chronic dieters. Furthermore, heavier people burn more calories than lighter people when performing the same work. Why is that? READ THE FULL ARTICLE

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