dotFIT Weight Loss – Fat Releaser

Excess body fat and diets high in calories and fat can compromise liver function. This potentially leads to multiple obesity related conditions, such as insulin resistance, fatigue and reduced liver enzymes’ impact on fat burning. If your ability to burn fat decreases it can lead to lower energy levels and a vicious cycle of increased hunger and overeating. FatReleaserâ„¢ is scientifically developed to stop that cycle in its tracks! Delivering a natural blend of ingredients to speed up the removal of fat from the liver, support and maintain healthy liver function and combat the oxidative stress brought on by accumulating fat in the liver. In a groundbreaking study the key ingredient in FatReleaser decreased the body’s absorption of dietary fat by inhibiting gastrointestinal Lipase (the enzyme that prepares dietary fat for absorption). This led to a reduction in the absorption of overall calories and subjects lost up to 300% more weight than those taking a placebo, in only 12 weeks.

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