dotFIT Weight Loss Program – Carb Killer

We all enjoy eating carbohydrates and we know they are also one of the bodys primary sources of fuel. Unfortunately for our waistlines, starchy foods such as breads, potatoes, pasta and rice quickly convert to glucose, which is a sugar that the body uses for everyday energy. If the excess glucose isnt used for energy through exercise or physical activity youll quickly start to pile on unwanted pounds and stubborn fat stores. Now you can take control with CarbKiller™. Each serving contains clinically tested Phase 2®, a proprietary standardized white kidney bean extract that works by blocking dietary starch from being absorbed. By working with the bodys natural enzymes, Phase 2 blocks the action of the alpha amylase enzyme, which is responsible for breaking down starches into sugars.

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4 thoughts on “dotFIT Weight Loss Program – Carb Killer

  1. how is this healthy? i am confused. you need carbs. Also, would you be going to the bathroom alot more with these pills?

  2. You are correct — the body does need carbs. The thing to realize is that starch blockers do not block ALL carbohydrate or starch, but SOME. With suggested use of this product, you may block around 150 calories/day or so. Not a lot at once, but it adds up over time and can give one a “margin of error” for meals that may be bigger (such as eating out) or particularly high in carbohydrate (such as pasta). We know that it is difficult to accurately assess calorie content of foods, so for one who is in a time crunch or frustrated by lack of progress this can be helpful. There are no negative health issues with this product, just a small portion of carbohydrate calories not absorbed. As for the bathroom question…not an issue. Thanks for the questions and remember if you ever need more information, just call or email us at

  3. I’m a little taken back by this. Personally, I wouldn’t reccomend clients to introduce an agent into their body that “blocks carbohydrate absorption.” I don’t see how this can be taken as part of a healthy diet; instead it seem an alternative to self control. It appears using this (especially to the masses) will lead to overuse, misuse, and in the long run, sabbotaging themselves and their diets by offering a way out.

  4. James,
    Your concerns are valid and we understand your viewpoint. You’ll be happy to know that we do NOT advocate or believe that taking dietary supplements as the sole method of weight loss is wise or productive. We have a very firm position stance on using dietary supplements for weight control, and I’ve included the key points here:
    1) The goal is to make it easier to comply with the program and daily routine, which includes safely controlling calorie intake and increasing physical activity.
    2) The ingredients must have safely demonstrated the potential to
    — Increase daily calorie burn
    — Raise energy levels to help increase activity
    — Reduce the drive to eat
    — Decrease calorie absorption
    — Dietary supplements should be used on a temporary basis until:
    — The goal is reached
    — Daily routines are under control
    — Dietary Supplements for weight control are appropriate for
    — People with aggressive goals
    — Athletes preparing to compete and require very low body fat levels
    — Those who have failed multiple times

    It’s important to note that the overwhelming majority of people who try to lose weight fail in the long run. However, there are proven strategies that increase the likelihood of success, including taking weight loss drugs. As you can imagine, weight loss drugs have undesirable side effects. Dietary supplements are a means to providing safe, natural alternatives that result in similar benefits to using drug therapy. Although there’s always the possibility of people using dietary supplements inappropriately, we believe not offering them would be unfair to others who choose to properly use them as a viable tool in reaching their weight loss goals. For more information on this topic, please refer to this article in our Fitness Vault:

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