Everyone needs resistance training, even when, or especially when, your goal is weight loss.

It never ceases to amaze me that folks trying to lose weight or get in shape will avoid resistance training. Old myths and stereotypes still exist: I’m afraid to get big or bulkWoman lifting weights for her health up. I don’t want to be muscle bound. I just want to lose weight, not get big.

I’ll say it straight: you want to lose fat and look good? It will NEVER happen as quickly, easily or with a better result if you do not include some type of resistance training. The world is filled with young men and women struggling to add considerable muscle. I spent ten years devoting every minute to that end and it still came slowly. The likelihood that you will bulk up and look like a linebacker after a few months of hitting the weights is highly unlikely. Even if that’s what you wanted! Proper training like what you’ll find we recommend at dotFIT will enhance your health, strength, stability, athleticism and looks.

Tune in to our Webinar on Wednesday, 7/14,  to learn more on how to maximize your results and get the most from your workouts.

Sign up at www.dotFIT.com/webinars.

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