Looking for an online weight control and exercise plan? Check out dotFIT

From Nutritionalysis to Apex to…dotFIT

Anyone who really knows me will tell you I’m true to my word and I always finish what I start – which, after 30 years in the fitness industry and building three companies, are the reasons I’m starting a fourth one (Nutritionalysis, Apex Fitness Group, NASM and now dotFIT). This wasn’t the easiest thing to do because my wife begged me not to, and frankly, I don’t blame her. After all, we’ve worked our tails off for three decades and probably should’ve “retired” long ago. But seriously, what am I going to do sitting on a beach somewhere “relaxing” the rest of my life? I might as well be dead. In fact, I’d probably shoot myself from being bored out of my mind and for feeling guilty for leaving the industry incomplete.

You CAN lose weight and get fit on YOUR terms

I guess my deep desire to give every person on the planet the tools, information and motivation they need to experience success with their health, weight and sport is my way of giving back for all the good deeds done for me. And although I have dedicated my life’s work to the health club industry and fitness professionals, and still will, everyone must be able to experience fitness on their own terms. Only then will I be finished.

dotFIT has the right program, experience AND people to get you to your goals

One thing I know for sure, this is the reason I’m here on this earth – to help save the world through fitness, and I have a feeling that when you have pure intentions, good things happen. So, it’s probably fitting that dotFIT is the final chapter in realizing my purpose. I can say with full confidence that we finally have the potential to deliver fitness anywhere for anyone and in any style.

  • For one, we have the right people – a team of extremely talented and experienced individuals who don’t just believe in this mission and share my passion – they live it every day.
  • Two, technology has enabled us to create a virtual gym that can go global – 24/7. That means you can get everything you need online, on the phone or at a dotFIT gym.
  • Three, people need simple and affordable solutions to help improve health and control weight like never before.

Right people, right place, right time. Not to mention the valuable lessons learned from past experiences running previous companies and creating bodybugg.  We’re taking all of this and as always, the most updated research to provide a holistic, evidenced-based nutrition and exercise resource for everyone. In case you’re wondering, this program isn’t anything like those free fitness and nutrition websites out there (and by the way you know what they say about things that are free). I can list numerous differences but the main one is that this program gives you meaningful information you need to know to consistently move you closer to your goal until you achieve it and do it your way. And don’t forget, people do best when they’re connected to other people so we’ve partnered with the best trainers and coaches in the business who also live to help others succeed.

We’re on your side because fitness is who we are

It’s amazing what people can accomplish when they share a common belief and are willing to fight through the challenges that life inevitably throws at you. I think it’s just a test to see if you really want it. And if we’ve ever met face to face or you’ve heard me speak, you can probably tell that fitness is who I am; it’s in my gut and etched within my soul, which makes “retirement” out of the question. I can relax when I’m dead. Until then, I’ll be committed to helping you reach your goals on your terms.

Neal Spruce

Founder, CEO

dotFIT Worldwide

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