Not all supplements are created equally… (or legally)

Just in case you missed it, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a warning to consumers to avoid supplements that contain steroids and similar substances like. So if you’re taking products that claim to alter, decrease or enhance the hormones testosterone, estrogen or progestin, you probably want to stop. Serious complications, including liver damage and stroke have been reported. We’re happy to say that dotFIT doesn’t produce any of these types of products because we thoroughly review the research and carefully examine the potential benefits AND downsides. Plus, we voluntarily use an FDA and NSF approved facility along with a 3rd party to certify our products – something few companies do.

We take that extra step to make sure our products are safe AND effective. And not only that, but we take into account your health history with a screening process that also incorporates your age, experience, and goals. Check it out yourself and get a supplement recommendation AND products you can trust.

Here’s the FDA Consumer warning

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