Transformation of a Figure Competitor – Week 4

BBW (Body by Warren) tells me the masterpiece will be complete in 11 weeks! Wow, time is moving super fast as usual and things are changing.  My diet didn’t change this week but my cardio was increased to 35 minutes, 5 days.  Not too bad..I can deal with that! I have a feeling plyometrics between sets are beginning this week.  Am I thrilled about it? No, to be honest, but its a great fat burner and body conditioner so the reward makes it worth it.

Plyometrics or known as plyos are explosive movements such as box jumps, squat thrusts or mountain climbers. It is pretty endless on the type of exercises one can do but these are examples.  They keep the heart rate up and are great for agility and over all conditioning.  As these weeks go on and I get more compact, I will be boppin’ and flyin’ all over the gym like a jumping bean! LOL

I am getting hungrier and sometimes in the middle of the night I get some hunger pains but I ignore it and roll over back to sleep. If it begins to become bothersome, I will have a couple of sips of carbonated water. That seems to calm it down. Then when my alarm in the morning goes off it’s a mad dash to the kitchen to inhale my egg whites and oatmeal!!!Jodi Braun

My cheat meal for the week is more exciting now than ever.  Every week I am entitled to one cheat meal of whatever I choose to eat.  It could be pizza, burger or ice cream but it is just one meal.  Saturday nights are a national holiday in my home!  The last month or so prior to the competition these cheats are eliminated but I will enjoy them now while I can.  This past Saturday night was a guacamole fest! Wooo hoooo !!!!

My calorie burn is approximately the same but now with my cardio increased and another class added to my weekly schedule, let’s see if it changes.  My day begins anywhere from 4:30 am to 5:00 am and I sometimes do not get home until 7:30pm depending on my clientele for the day.  I have a long day to burn, burn, burn so in just a 12 hour period it is anywhere from 2500 to 3000 as of right now.

I am pretty impressed with my lifting because this week I dead lifted 200 lbs for 5 reps and that beat my top record.  I am getting stronger as my body fat decreases.  I am at 14.6 % and I can feel it has declined from there.  My abdominals are becoming more prominent and I am a little more vascular as well.  I just feel really happy that I still am getting stronger and my weight still remains at 132 lbs.  It is very important I hold on to my mass these next 2 1/2 months.  This is where the importance of the supplements and vitamins are crucial.  dotFIT has a wonderful line of supplements that are truly healthy to the body whether you are competing or are just living a normal healthy lifestyle.

You can see what it is doing for me!

– Jodi

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  1. That was very inspiring. I came across your post while trying to find a source for fitness. I truly appreciate your effort to inform us. Many thanks for sharing this! glad i came across this site. thumbs up!

    – Jaime

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