Transformation of a Figure Competitor – Week 6

So, with another week passing comes many more exciting events to follow.  We began our filming of my prep for the next 9 weeks.  It started Friday with a leg workout.  I thought at first that I may be silly knowing there was a camera right there but the fear of what kind of pain Warren was about to put me through took any giggles away. LOL

So from here on in we will be taping more workouts, posing practice, diet information and anything Anthony Fiore will catch on film.  This should be very interesting.  As a little girl I had always wanted “The Jodi Show” and I guess I now have it!

Jodi Braun, 9 weeks from showtime

Coming in March I will be hosting a figure workshop in Premier Fitness in New York.  It will be a 3-hour workshop where I will supply all figure girls with information on posing, suit choice, hair, make-up, tanning and stage walks.  I will also be able to supply information on dieting and the use and benefit of dotFIT products.  It should be a fun, exciting afternoon with a lot of wonderful knowledge to share.  So, c’mon future figure girls, it’s time to get started!

My progression is going quite well.  With the start of plyometrics after the weight training workouts this week, I seem to be burning an extra 150- 200 calories depending on the duration of the workout. This week could be the start or incorporating plyos in between sets of weight training.  This is where the serious calorie burn is about to begin and as we progress further and closer to the show, I am expecting that things will begin to sky rocket.  I always look forward to my next meal even though sometimes only an hour has passed.  This lets me know my body is picking up the pace.  My rest between sets will only be 30 seconds and duration of plyos will be 20-30 seconds.  My after workout plyometrics have been including everything from sled pulling to sprinting to box jumping, with only 30 second rests.  Next week I will give a sample of a typical day workout.  You already know about my dead lifting on a leg day.  The leg day is the only day no plyos are incorporated.  Too exhausting on the legs to be able to get a strong leg workout.  After dead lifting, it’s followed by box squats, leg presses and hyperextensions.

I will begin practicing my posing within the next week or so and I have to start thinking about my routine and what music I am going to use to get me going on the stage.  There is so much to think about (on top of the grueling workouts) that’s going to get me there.  Right now I am doing sessions with women in helping them learn posing and perfecting their stage walks.  Although at times it’s hard to stay focused and give these women everything you have to make them succeed, it also is what keeps me motivated to do my best.  I really never

realize how much of a role model I can be for someone else.  Many clients I have watched reach their goal with my help and it is so rewarding.

Now we go into week 7 and have approached almost the halfway mark.  I am so ready for what the next 9 weeks will bring.  I know for sure intensity and determination are what the next weeks are all about. It’s crunch time!

If anyone is interested in information on the figure workshop, you can contact me I will be able to not only assist in your pre-contest prep but share with you how effective great nutrition and dotFIT supplements are to achieving your goals.

The picture attached is me 9 weeks out from showtime.  Let the transformation begin!!!!


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