Transformation of a Figure Competitor – Week 9

This past week has been crazy busy!  I’m only a week from having my figure workshop which will be very informative and exciting for my girls.  I have been practicing my posing and quarter turns along with doing sessions for my clients and getting them ready, too.  As the competition nears, it is better for me to make decisions about my poses as well as my clients’ poses as our bodies now begin to transform. Not everybody can present themselves in the same manner, so it’s up to me to distinguish which pose will fit each person and have them each look the very best.Jodi Braun, Figure Competitor

Not only is this the time where I assist in the presentation but the 6-week crunch is where I also assist in being their coach.  Everybody has got to put in their all as I intensify the workouts.  It’s a love/hate relationship my clients have with me but they know I have their best interests at heart.  At this point it is not easy to get through these times of training, but what you have to do is dig deep inside and pull everything you have out of you and put it into your training.  No time to slack off now.

I have begun my tanning sessions so I will have a nice base when it comes to applying the Jan Tana show tan.  Besides, lying in that bed a few times a week for just those 12 minutes feels so good.  Now that I begin to get a bit darker, my muscles become more defined and it aids me in my practice sessions to see how and which way I look my best.

My Sundays are spent mostly cooking approximately 10-12 pounds of chicken along with 8 – 10 pounds of sweet potatoes.  Luckily, I really like chicken considering I eat it 5 times a day.  I do enjoy dieting, having a schedule with the discipline and besides I love the way sweet potatoes smell as they bake in the oven. Yummy!  I try to get the bulk of cooking out of the way, this way my meals are prepped and ready to go.  It’s all about pre-planning your day’s food.  I don’t just prepare in this manner when getting ready to compete.  I prepare my meals like this all of the time.  It is a lifestyle and will keep you on track in eating healthy, portioned foods.  That’s what is so great about taking a dotFIT shake with me or a dotFIT protein bar/stick.  It’s convenient and healthy to take on the go and to throw in your bag. Plus it is a comfort to know that I don’t have to worry about my food.  It’s all there. I try to eat every 3 hours. So, if I go out I need to take my meals with me in case I am not back in the time I planned.

Cardio has increased to 55 minutes per day and I am progressing right on schedule. I have incorporated a lot of boot camp workouts to my routine 4 days per week on top of my weight training.  I change up my cardio between the stair mill, treadmill and the upright bike.  No worries this week and my percentage is 10.8 %.  I am doing everything as I am guided to do with all of my heart and soul.  Knowing I put all effort into my training, there are no regrets that I could have done something better.  Each time I grow as an athlete and as a confident woman.  What more could I ask for?


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