Transformation of a Figure Competitor — Final Week!

Ok, everyone….this is it, my final week. I actually have just 3 days and things are so crazy with my prep and getting things ready. My time is stretched for sure.  Besides my practice for the presentation, I am in the middle of helping 7 to 10 others with theirs. Two of clients I will even be applying their show tan this Friday for them.

My nerves and excitement are off the charts and I have found it difficult to fall asleep as I go through everything over and over in my mind.

My final workout was today and it is so revitalizing to know that all the hard work is done. Now I let the diet and my body do the rest. The transformation that will begin over the next few days is going to be amazing. I’m not sure what will happen yet with my diet or depletion. That will depend on what I look like 2 days out. Warren will lead the way. Depending on how much water I am holding will be what adjusts the diet / sodium intake.

All of this hard work is about to pay off in a matter of days. All the blood, sweat and tears is so worth it to reach this achievement.

So, wish me luck!!!!!! The next time you hear from me I will have the results and hopefully the prize in my hand!!!! Then its margarita time!!!!!!!


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