Transformation of a Figure Competitor – The Results Are In!

My journey has now been completed.  I placed 4th and over all it was a great quality show.  The day was long but the comradery I had felt backstage with my friends and fellow clients made the whole night. I don’t compete home locally, so to be able to get ready with women that I love was extremely important. I had the best time on stage that I have ever had and felt I have looked the best I ever did in the past.

I have been asked if I was disappointed with my placing and of coarse initially it is disappointing but the reality of it all is that we are all winners and we all worked hard to get to that stage.  You never know what the judges will be looking for that particular competition or who will be your competition but this is the sport.

So back to the drawing board to start again to set my sights on a new journey.  With every show I compete in,my body grows as well as my mind.  Every time you can only improve on your physique through hard training and experience taken in with every show.

Thank you To dotFIT for the wonderful line of supplements  that get me through on-season as well as my off-season.  Off I go to find yet another competition to prepare for.  I am always in preparation for the next level.  This is where my passion lies.

– Jodi

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One thought on “Transformation of a Figure Competitor – The Results Are In!

  1. HI Jodi,

    You may have come in 4th, but in the picture you look like the best! Before I figured out which one you were, I thought you were definitely the winner. I guess it is all in what the judges are looking for…

    I did a bodybuilding competition 25 years ago, and at age 44 am hoping to compete in figure, possibly this fall.

    I am a personal trainer and order from dot Fit. They seem like a great company.

    Good luck in your future endeavors!


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