Transformation of a Figure Competitor — week 12

Here we go! Only 19 days left and I heard the best words I could possibly hear from Warren: “This is the best I have ever seen you look.”

With these words I had the biggest smile that one could ever see and of course a whole lot more confidence came rushing in.  I have never trained harder and I have been focused, determined and motivated through out this journey.  Life itself is a journey but competing takes this journey to a whole new level.

Nothing has changed in my diet since last week and my cardio has also remained at an even 60 minutes.  Sometimes I divide that cardio into two segments but it depends on my schedule of clients and how time allows.  Some days my energy level is way low but the next day can be completely fine.  At this point I am weaning myself off of caffeine.  I no longer incorporate dotFIT NO7Rage, and I have cut my coffee in the morning to just one cup. I need something at 4:30 am to get my engine started.  Being the last few days I cut that and all other artificial sweetners out, I find it better to let go off the caffeine slowly to avoid a massive headache.  Two shows ago I stopped cold turkey and had a headache that would not subside until the morning after the competition when I had a cup of coffee.  I definitely learned my lesson!

So, with leaving my NO7 on the sidelines, I can really feel a difference when I lack some energy.  These are those times when I dig deep inside to make the workout count because every training day matters.  Even as close as we are to the show, dig deeper.

My legs at this point are always sore and burning between the plyos, the cardio and the interval training I have incorporated the last few weeks.  I love how light weight I feel now along with being quick on my feet.  With all of the sprinting and high intensity training, I feel at the top of my game.  My strength training has weakened but I still make sure I lift as heavy as possible even though in between sets I incorporate heart rate raising activities.

So in the next couple weeks to come the plan is tanning, practice posing, extreme training and of course I have to fill out my application!  I’m so ready to rock this!!!!!!!


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