Transformation of a Figure Competitor – Week 2

Ok, so with another week down, things are off to a great start.  My body fat has dropped over a percent, which brings it to 15.6%.  Initially, the percentage does seem to drop more significantly.  A lot of water is lost due to the change in diet. Once things begin to slow down, that is when Warren will make adjustments.  As of right now, everything remains the same. I love when that happens!

Jodi Braun and Warren Fahrenfeld

Jodi Braun & her coach Warren Fahrenfeld of Premier Fitness

I am on a real kick using the dotFIT pre/post workout protein shake and making it into a pudding.  Slowly add your water to the powder, mixing until you have found the perfect consistency.  Add a tablespoon of all natural peanut butter and a little cinnamon and put into fridge for an hour so.  The best tasting healthy snack without the guilt!!!!!!! Besides those delicious in-between meals, my diet consists of egg whites, light whole grain breads, measured amounts of fruit/veggies, turkey, chicken and complex carbs.  Condiments are used but within reason and of course meal replacement bars and shakes. Diet  is clean and using the supplements and vitamins that I do from dotFIT makes my body feel even more clean.

As far as how my workouts are progressing, I am lifting heavy as ever.  When doing chest this week, I benched 135 lbs for 4 reps. Considering that is more than what I weigh, I was thrilled with it.  Chest is one of the parts that makes me nervous but I have to say that the fear is what pushes me to do it.  I conquer it and it will only make me stronger mentally and

physically.  And considering dead lifting is new to my weekly routine, 200 lbs for 2 reps isn’t so bad either.  I will continue to lift as heavy as possible for at least a couple of weeks. Until then, anymore personal world records, I will share with all of you!!!!!

This is also going to be the first full week that I will collect data using the exerspy armband calorie and activity tracking system that works with the dotFIT Me Program.  If you have not yet looked into this program on line, check it out at You record and analyze activity which will then enable you to hit your target goal. I am very curious to see my progress of calories burned throughout the day as my training gets more intense and as calories are slowly cut.  This is quite an interesting tool. I will share all of my data collected with this tool and as my body begins to transform, I will share updated pictures as well.

I feel very motivated about this competition and I know a lot of it has to do with being home.  I will admit to feeling some pressure about performing well because of the fact all of my supporters will be there and I want to do right. So, my only thought has to remain throughout the next 13 weeks, which is…I am going to ROCK THAT STAGE! I have everything and everyone I could possibly have in my corner. Visualization and positivity is the key.

I say out loud to myself, “C’mon Jodi girl, you got this!”

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