Transformation of a Figure Competitor — Week 3

This has been a very interesting week! One of my latest photo shoots with Tina Woods has landed a picture in the latest Fitness & Physique issue on stands now! Check your local stores that carry a large variety of fitness magazines to find it! I was thrilled to be sporting fitness wear with the dotFIT logo!!!!

I also became best friends with my Exerspy. I find it very interesting to see my calorie burn throughout the day. It seems on a normal day without teaching classes I burn about 2500 per day. The days I teach classes it’s around 3000 per day. When I say per day, it’s a 12 hour period. I also wear it while I sleep and after uploading the information, it actually shows at what time I got up during the night to go to the bathroom and how many steps it took me to get there!!! Pretty cool, right? I will try to give updates during the week to give you more
detailed readings. Now that my diet has changed a bit and my cardio has increased, there should be some changes. As of right now considering I take in 1600 calori

Jodi Braun

Jodi Braun, dotFIT Sponsored Athlete

es, I am burning almost twice that per day! WOW! I can’t wait to see the results as I get more intense with my activity closer to show time!

My body fat did not change much from last week. Yes, I was a bit disappointed but menses had to do with it along with the fact that at a certain point your body reaches a homeostasis and change is needed. The calipers cannot differentiate between holding water and fat tissue, so many times Warren makes changes by eye.  My calories remained the same but bread is out. My light English muffin changed to oatmeal for breakfast. I still have my egg whites but half of my banana was cut out as well. For lunch I was eating turkey on light whole wheat bread. This has now changed to 4 oz of chicken breast with small sweet potato and my whole apple became 1/2 as well. Between this change in my diet and my increase in cardio, there should be a change this week. I was doing 25 min of cardio 4 times a week. Now it’s 5 days at 30 minutes.

Changes in my body are very minimal but I can see some striations coming back to my shoulders and chest :) I love watching the changes take place. It’s so scientific!!!!  So, I’m sure some of you are wondering if I’m feeling tired yet?  No, not yet. I’m an even 15% body fat and I usually don’t start to feel it until 11% but each journey is different.

My dead lift this week was pretty good. 185 for 5 reps. My personal best is 200 lbs for 2 reps. I hope to surpass that by 50 lbs before the competition but we shall see. I squatted 205 for 7 repetitions and I have been feeling it the last 2 days!!! LOL  Usually on our leg day we will do leg press and hyperextensions as well.  I wanted to share with all of you that I was born with 2 hernias and have had them both repaired within the last 15 years. I am very careful with my lifting and concentrate on form and breathing all the time. It seems many athletes have had injuries in the past but can still push through with them. Just perform cautiously and you will be fine. For those of you that have had injuries or do now, I know it’s
frustrating but just know that muscle does have memory so whatever you think you have lost will come back stronger. Rest is good and we all need rest for us to improve. We don’t like to admit it but it is true.

So, I have reached the 12 week point! Let the games begin!!!!!! I’m focused and determined!


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