Transformation of a Figure Competitor – Week 5

We are 10 weeks out from show time and everything is getting more intense physically as well as emotionally.  I’m starting to feel more hunger and cravings then I had prior but all is good.  My energy is still good and I broke my own record in my dead lift this week which was 225 lbs for 5 reps!!!!!!! I was so happy that not only did I achieve it but being able to achieve it at 14 % body fat.  I still weigh 131 pounds.  Let’s all hope my weight remains high as I continue to trim down.
Jodi Braun, back shot
An apple was eliminated from my lunch but at least my cardio has not increased more than 35 minutes.  The plyometrics have begun to be incorporated into my workout.  This is going to speed up my fat burn. My little exerspy will let me know of changes as I record the data.  The plyos are a killer and as much as I could shed a tear as I do them, I know the benefit and the reward at the end.  No pain, no gain right?  As I tell myself, “suck it up, Jodi!”

This week we are going to begin a weekly recorded documentary with the wonderful help of Anthony Fiore of Ocean Rock Studios.  We are going to document one workout per week leading up to the show.  This is a very exciting project getting under way, especially after just having my picture in this issue of Fitness & Physique.  Many wonderful things are happening and I am just planning on soaking it all in.

Along with all of my prep for the competition I am helping other women get ready for the show as well.  I hold figure workshops for women at all levels who want to either perfect their routines or women just beginning.  In these workshops I discuss not only presentation and posing but suit choice, hair, make-up, workouts and tanning.  I leave the diet to dotFIT and Warren’s guidance and between the both of us, a woman’s determination, goal and dream come true.  It’s a wonderful for me to be a part of someone else’s journey.  The best feeling is to watch your client grow not just physically but mentally as well and watching their confidence grow.  To have a part in it and become their role model is one reason I absolutely love my job. It does make you feel like you made a difference.

I practice what I preach and because I live the lifestyle it keeps my clients motivated.  Motivation can pick you up and take you further than you ever dreamed to go.  So keep your expectations higher than you can imagine.  A healthy lifestyle mixed with determination and desire will take you further than you ever thought possible.  Believe me, I know, I’m living it.


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