Transformation of a Figure Competitor – Week 7

I am only 8 weeks out now.  It’s crunch time!!!!!  At this point you cannot allow yourself to feel tired or unable to give your best with every workout.  With such little time, you have to make every workout count and give it your all.  It comes down to final moments to the day of the competition and all of the blood, sweat and tears leading up to it is what it’s all about.  Sounds dramatic right? It couldn’t be closer to the truth.

My calorie burn has increased to another couple hundred per day.

Jodi Braun doing plyometrics

Jodi Braun doing plyometrics

Now, with addition to another day of cardio for 40 minutes, my weekly calorie burn has increased as well. My average calorie burn per day before was 2600 and now it’s 3000.  Still performing my plyometrics at the end of my weight training, and things are becoming intense.  Although the plyos are a bit torturous the feeling of achievement afterwards is my high.  Just when I think to myself “I’m not going to make it”, Warren pushes me to the edge and I love every minute of it.  Well, it’s a love/hate relationship.

Not only has cardio changed, my diet has as well.  I was having two dotFIT Pre/post workout shakes a day but now it’s down to one.  One of them was replaced with chicken and sweet potato.  As of right now, I eat chicken 3 times per day.  My bodyfat percentage is 12.6 and I am still holding my weight at 130 lbs.  I am so happy with this.  I explain to my female clients that the number on the scale doesn’t mean as much as they think.

It’s odd to women to hear my joy when my weight increases or remains the same.  Go by how your clothes fit more so than looking at the numbers.  Of course when beginning a healthy lifestyle, your weight will decrease but at some point that slows down, don’t get so caught up in a specific number.  If you are gaining muscle, keep in mind muscle weighs more than fat.  These dotFIT supplements are helping me retain muscle as I decrease my body fat.  This is so important right now that my size remains and I just chizzle my body into a sculpture.  Exciting isn’t it??

I have just began some practice with my mandatory poses and it looks like my hamstrings have gained some size.  All I can hope for is that I have improved from the last time and I have given my best with the preparation and my performance.  There is only so much I can control and I am giving it my all!!!!


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