Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-12

  • Weight loss can be as simple as it needs to be: “your food is your diet and
    life is exercise” – just pay attention to your waist and ad … #
  • New Article – The Basics of Performance Nutrition for Young Athletes #
  • NEVER fit a person into a weight loss program, always fit the program to
    the person #
  • New Article – Menopause and Weight Gain #
  • We live in a “hurry-up to sit somewhere else” world – we stay busy but we
    are not moving #
  • New Article – Weight Gain and Birth Control Pills #
  • NEVER sit when you can perform the same activity standing #
  • New Article – Fact or Fiction: Sugar & High Fructose Corn Syrup #
  • It’s not WHAT you eat and do that makes you fat – it’s HOW MUCH you eat and
    move #

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