Weight Control Must Become Second Nature

If you think you can control your waistline without trying, I want you to take a look around and keep these two things in mind: 1) nobody gets fat on purpose and 2) everybody gets fat at some point in their life. Yes, even if you aren’t now, you have a greater than 90% chance that you will be overweight at some point in life– and that’s a fact.

So, can you control your waistline without trying?  No, not in today’s world.

“Only at the brink of disaster do we evolve” – and let’s hope that’s not necessary

As overweight and obesity continue to climb in the face of well known dire consequences, the message society is sending to researchers is very clear: due to 21st Century demands, the majority of people will not make lifestyle changes. In fact, the small population of successful weight losers had to reach a point of being near death or in search of a new mate, and I would argue that’s not a position in life you want to reach. Therefore we have to figure out how to make life itself keep us fit. How do we live in harmony with the “landmines” of everyday life, such as stationary jobs and entertainment, our need to quickly acquire tasty food (fast food), and exercise not being intuitive or fun, or just too time consuming?

In a nutshell, weight control for adults living in the modern world doesn’t happen by accident, but weight gain does. Adults don’t curb their eating automatically to get or stay in shape because humans simply are not designed to ignore good food or to move around unnecessarily.

Daily changes in body fat are easily overlooked
These daily changes are so tiny they’re not measurable, which means we can ignore it when weight goes up and then we’re frustrated as we attempt to lose it. We let weight gain continue even though we eventually see and feel it happening. We certainly don’t continue to let weight increase on purpose (most people don’t think it’s attractive or healthy). Our belated signals include moving up a notch on the belt, an increase in clothing size, seeing ourselves in the mirror, and stepping on the scale and finding that the number is significantly higher than it was when we looked and felt better.  Whether it’s visual or numerical, we are being semi-regularly warned. And THAT’S the whole problem. Controlling our waistline is not innate (in fact it’s innate to grow our waistlines) and warnings are too slow thus excusable. So we ride the train to being overweight another day – out of sight, out of mind – and the next day, and the next day . . . and the next stop?  Fat City.

We have the same problem when we try to reverse weight gain. Weight/fat loss or reaching our desired look happens too slowly for our liking, especially because the process is usually painful and unsustainable. Most, or all, of a dieter’s lost weight is gained back and as a society we continue to get fatter. This proves that current weight loss methods or treatments are virtually useless against our 21st century environment.

If you can see it, you can lose it –and do it your way

All of this proves that you need to be able to, at any time, see your gains and losses no matter how small. Because at the end of the day, we can’t or won’t manage what we don’t see! But give us instant visibility to our daily body fat fluctuations and we can fix it on the fly – without pain! Pain happens when you can’t see anything and have to fix it later.

Enter the exerspy:  allowing life itself to be your training partner

It’s the first and only program that “talks to you,” informing you when to stop eating or start moving so you can look the way you want. Every minute, every day, whenever you want, the exerspy will keep you on track to your goal by giving you the ability to see fat loss and gains before they happen. This way you always know when to take one less bite or move another few steps. When weight loss is the goal, there is nothing more motivating than to SEE it every hour, everyday or any time you want. Seeing it in real time also allows action any time – YOUR WAY.

Simply put, when you know how many calories you burn, you know how many calories you can eat. The more you move, the more you can eat. Our life becomes our fitness program: eating what we want, moving or exercising the way we like. The exerspy is your training partner because with exerspy, life is exercise and YOUR food is your diet.  Ready to get yours? Check with the dotFIT club near you or order online at www.dotFIT.com/exerspy.

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