What should be on every kitchen table

As a health professional,  I’ve always made sure my clients, friends and family were given what they needed to protect their health, which to me is the definition of true health care. Of course the nutrition component is always the most important part of the health care equation, because you HAVE to eat and WHAT you consume is what you become in both the short and long term. After all, it’s food that brings in nutrients which are deposited into the body to keep all our parts working. If any nutrient that’s needed on a daily basis is missing, something in the body will eventually be compromised. Consistent lack of specific nutrients can then lead us out of health care and into disease care, i.e. doctors and drugs.

Everyone can easily get everything they need to allow their bodies to become stronger and last longer, and all sitting where they won’t forget to take it – on the kitchen table. At a minimum, EVERY single person you care about needs the following supplements readily available (these are the ones that will make up the nutrient shortfalls common in today’s food supply): multiple-vitamin-and-mineral formula (MVM) that includes 1000IUs of vitamin D; then fish oils and calcium for when the diet falls short of these nutrients.

Properly supplementing the diet should be practiced throughout life, starting when your body’s natural development machinery can utilize the nutrients involved in putting you together so you may last longer. Supplements are NOT to be taken only when you are older or diseased. Dietary supplements are not a cure or prevention to the diseases brought on by smoking, weight, lack of exercise or other poor lifestyle choices. Supplementing important missing nutrients IS part of a healthy lifestyle.

Here is what you need to make sure everyone you love does daily
First, eat the best possible diet you can and spread meals evenly throughout the day. Second, consume 1000-1500mgs per day of calcium. Third, consume 1000IUs per day of vitamin D along with all other essential nutrients. And lastly, consume the equivalent of an average of 600mgs per day of fish oils (DHA & EPA).

Now if your friends and family are like mine, after your health discussion you will get the same question I got last night while having dinner at the home of the quarterback of my son’s (Nelson) football team.  Okay great, now how can I do it without thinking about it? The simple answer is below for you to print and put on the kitchen table WITH the supplements.

  • Active multivitamin mineral formula
    • Take 1 daily immediately following breakfast or any other larger meal.
  • Super Omega-3/Fish oil (as needed)
    • Take 1 daily with multivitamin if not consuming 2-4 servings of fatty fish weekly. Or simply take one gel tab daily when not consuming fish.
  • Super Calcium (as needed)
    • Do the best you can to get 1000-1500mgs from the diet. If you fall short use the SuperCalcium+ formula as directed.

Parting words
Don’t wait till the “engine is broken” before adding oil. Do it while it’s still working.
Properly supplementing the diet is health care, not disease care. By supplementing throughout life while we are healthy, we can build a stronger foundation by taking advantage of our body’s youthful development machinery and supply ALL the necessary building materials (nutrients).We then leverage the result into our advancing years. We continue to add the compounds our older body can still use but may no longer manufacture or can’t receive in proper amounts from food alone. Again, we now have them at a point in time BEFORE it’s too late, while the body can still use them. In other words, we continue to add these natural substances because our body’s internal “machinery” still works.  The nutrients are used rather than waiting until the machinery is worn out, rendering any additional compounds less effective or useless.

By properly supplementing throughout all stages in life (or at least before disease sets in), we may significantly slow the inevitable decline in body and brain functioning and, to a point, we may end our days in a very “soft landing”: cognitively functional and relatively productive, meaning we would require little to no help participating in life. And for all you athletes out there, properly supplementing can dramatically extend your playing and competitive years. Your body gets the right stuff all day, every day and you’re now built to last!!

So keep it all on the kitchen table.

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