What’s the problem with using dietary supplements?

What’s the Problem?

Navigating the sea of confusion

Fear not….

What’s wrong with supplements?

What’s the problem with using dietary supplements? When the dust settles on the practice of supplementing one’s diet for health or performance reasons, there are typically three areas that remain a sore spot with overall health industry acceptance. These are:

1. Lack of industry testing/quality control- no guarantee of label claim being in the product

2. Fear of excessive nutrient intake

3. Bogus claims/ridiculous marketing

While we at dotFIT cannot police the entire industry, we can control our little part of the supplement world. Also, while most companies mention in the fine print that you need to include proper diet and exercise, we make sure that all of these elements are available at the same place and at the same time. Now, addressing the three issues above, here is what we do as a company to overcome those obstacles.

1. Our unique formulas are produced by Robinson Pharma, an FDA-registered,  Drug-Licensed facility that operates in compliance with Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). Additionally, our products undergo 3rd party testing through Schuster labs. This gives us a peace of mind as a manufacturer that our products are made in a facility that tests from raw material to finished product and at many steps along the way. The finished products are then validated for purity and potency by a third party lab. This piece of mind trickles down to the consumer who can, with complete confidence, know that what is listed on the label is indeed in the product. Additionally, all of our meal replacement powders are manufactured with uncompromising standards in compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) in an FDA- and NSF-registered facility, ensuring an environment free of possible cross-contamination (a big issue in sports).

2. Recent polls have shown that up to 65% of Americans take at least one dietary supplement a day, with a high percentage taking more than one. Combining multiple products from multiple manufacturers can be a recipe for disaster. Manufacturers do not get together and BBQ on the weekend, discussing how their formulas can integrate with each other’s products. Sadly, it is common practice for manufacturers to include a considerable amount of additional ingredients, window dressing if you will, to make their formula stand out amongst a sea of competition. Multiple products taking this “add-on” approach can easily lead to excessive and potentially problematic nutrient intakes. Following our “program” approach, dotFIT is a system, one where the daily use of a properly formulated multiple vitamin-and-mineral formula forms the foundation of anyone’s plan. All other dotFIT products and formulas are coordinated with the multivitamin formula and only deliver the specific nutrients or compounds needed or desired in the additional product. No add-ons or window dressing is necessary. Taking this approach ensures that the user NEVER exceeds the upper limit of nutrient intake. Our recommendations take into account the person’s age, sex, diet, goal, activity level, experience and medical history when determining what, if any, supplement recommendations are made.

3. As for bogus claims and ridiculous marketing . . . have you seen our stuff? We go a long way to educate and provide support materials to those who sell and take our products because we do not advertise or make outlandish claims. All product information on the label conforms to FDA and FTC standards and laws regarding supplement labeling. Our support materials, such as our thorough Supplement Reference Guide (like a dietary supplement Physicians’ Desk Reference), include the scientific research and facts about what it is, what it does and how it applies to our target audience. We believe that education, awareness and proper screening are what makes a product a viable option for a consumer, not giveaways and sexy models.

There you have it. In a sea of chaos and misinformation we can only police our little part of the pond. But in our world, we do it safely.

We do it properly.

And we do it right.

Problem solved.

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