Who needs motivation to lose weight?

There are only two parts to successful weight loss. First, making the calorie connection, which is realizing that weight loss is a matter of eating fewer calories than you burn, and that weight maintenance means eating as many calories as you burn. (The minute you say it’s not just about calories, you’re doomed and there’s no reason to go to the next part!) The 2nd part is motivation to do it. In other words, if you come to accept that weight management is only about eating versus moving, and you find a good reason to be fit, you will be successful!

Motivation is the tough one.  To prove it, all we have to do is look at the temporarily successful weight losers — most of these are people getting ready for big events like weddings, high school reunions, beach holidays or basically anything that brings old friends together, or requires that you expose your body in such a way that it should look its best. In fact, the most successful losers of all are people who are experiencing divorce. Anytime I see one of my old friends or acquaintances and they are way down in weight, I NEVER ask about their spouse because I know the answer. The relationship is either on the skids or over, and they are searching for the new mate. Anyway, you get my point about motivation.  I’d hate to see everyone who needs to lose weight in order to live a longer more productive life leave their mate in order to be successful.

The first part of the equation is simple, calories in, calories out – period! Ok, so how do we get that to work so we can lower the motivation threshold? In other words, how do you make it easier to lose the weight, now that we indisputably know how, so it takes very little motivation?

Making the calorie connection come to life creates the motivation
The answer is simple: make it a game, see the fat leaving the body by the minute, by the step, by the hour, by the day, etc., and you won’t need to be highly motivated to succeed.

The ability to virtually see body fat coming and going in real time, anytime, anywhere is possible when you connect the digital display to your exerspy. You now have the ultimate on-command motivation through its ability to communicate to you in real time, wherever you are, without your having to connect to a computer. Imagine looking at your watch and knowing that X amount of body fat has just left your body. Now that’s motivation to keep going. Or, picture yourself at anytime during the day peeking at your display and seeing that your calorie intake at that point is going to be above your burn if you decide to “eat the whole thing”. That’s all you need to push away from the table a little sooner or get moving so you can eat the whole thing! There’s nothing like freedom and motivation once you have the facts and the tools.

Games you win so you can lose

The calories-per-minute game

You can run your entire day by viewing calories burned per minute on your display.

Example: the average person is awake about 1000 min/day. If you kept your calorie burn at 2cals/min, you know you’ll burn 2,000 not including the calories you burn when you sleep, which would add extra 500cals for a 150LB person (more if you’re heavier). Your daily total burn will be 2500cals. In this case, eat your 2000 and you’re on your way to losing 1LB per week by simply glancing at your display device and keeping your burn at 2cals/min. Anytime the number dips below, you’ll be motivated to move, which can be as simple as fidgeting, pacing or performing an activity standing rather than sitting such as talking on the phone.

The daily steps game
Set your daily steps target at a number you know will earn enough of a burn that you won’t be able to eat more than your output. Example: I know that if I get 12,000steps/day I will never be able to eat more than I burn. Therefore I find ways to hit that number. Keep in mind that any movement does two things: burns many more calories per minute than sitting, and generally any activity restricts the ability to eat.

Share it with your partner
It is very fun and motivating to compete with your partner on steps, burn rate, total calories, moderate and vigorous physical activity, which can all be immediately viewed on the display. And there are lots of other things you can do together using your display device to keep you motivated (wink, wink). You know what I am going to say next, yes, it’s always fun to see how many calories the extracurricular activities performed in bed burn. You will find yourselves there more often and trying to outdo your last performance.

Now tell me, isn’t that much better than having to break up to get in shape? It’s a heck of a lot more fun, and certainly cheaper!


PS — Get your display at www.dotFIT.com or at a dotFIT gym near you – note that the display must be used with the exerspy armband and dotFIT Me program.

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