You don’t have to “diet”, but you do have to find your reason

In my 20’s it was about how I looked. Now that I’m in my late 30’s I realize it’s about my life – my health, my quality of life and my ability to give what I know I’m capable of giving. Would I rather eat pastries for breakfast than oatmeal? Yes! Would I rather have French fries than steamed veggies? Absolutely! But there’s a price to pay if I do that all the time, and it’s not worth it. So I do it sometimes, and I make other choices to make sure I’m not over my calorie budget by moving more or controlling calories at other meals. And I can do that because I understand the “big picture” of weight control – and it isn’t about dieting.  Dieting equals deprivation in my eyes and the eyes of everyone I know. But before we talk about that, you need to answer the question “Why do I want to lose weight?” You’ll have to find your reason for losing weight.  When you find your reason, you’ll have the motivation to make the changes you need for lasting success.  (And no, you don’t have to diet and you don’t  need “willpower”). Think about it. Figure it out and write it down. And when you do, share it with me ( ) or a close friend. We need each other so don’t go at it alone – and stay tuned, I’ve got a game plan for you.

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One thought on “You don’t have to “diet”, but you do have to find your reason

  1. Absolutely. I am in my early 50’s and have realized that “diet” to me means a way of eating…Too feel strong, have energy, and to be able to be the best I can be. Coming from a family of overeaters and southern cuisine food has taken on a whole new meaning at midlife. You are so right on about writing it down. I have been writing down my food for 12 years! It has totally changed my attitudes about food. Kind of like keeping a diary or a journal. I no longer pass up a peice of chocolate cake or a cheeseburger and think I am depriving myself. I eat foods that are healthier and I am grateful that I feel more energy.

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